Scattering of Ashes

image5The cremated remains of your loved one might have been in their box for days or months or even years, but now the time has come. You have decided upon their final resting place.

It might be somewhere that you both loved to visit, or perhaps you’ve decided on a special spot in your own garden. Perhaps your loved one had made a last wish, wanting to be cast to the wind, into the ocean, or returned to the earth.

The most important aspects of the casting ceremony are that it upholds the memory of your loved one, that it gathers together all of the things they loved the most, and that it leaves you with a feeling of peace and tranquillity in this final affirmation of their life.

I will help you choose a location suitable for your loved one’s final resting place, craft a ceremony that will reflect their life, and help you to express your thoughts as your journey continues.

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