Renewal of Vows


Marriage is a journey, and since the day that you shared your vows, things have changed. You may have children now; or family members or beloved friends who have come into your lives since your wedding day.

This is a day that can truly be yours. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to involve your children and even your pets in this reaffirmation of the magic that brought you together.

You might like to revisit your original ceremony, reconnect with old friends who attended then. You could renew your vows in the same place, reliving the moment, bridesmaids fitting into their old dresses and hunting down someone who can re-construct your bouquet with the same type of flowers. But perhaps you want to change things around, a more relaxed feel than the big Church wedding you had, or a more formal feel that the little gathering of witnesses in a registry office in Bali.

Renewal of vows can be a wonderful family bonding ceremony, with children taking roles and gaining an understanding of how important they are in your lives. It is a way for you to share the moment with friends who have become part of your life since becoming a couple. It’s a way for you to reflect on your lives as a couple and to go into the future on strong bonds of renewed commitment.

As always, it is my promise to have as many meetings with you as you need, in order to make this a ceremony that you will remember and cherish.

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