New Business Blessings

image7 Open the doors, answer the phone, let the world know that you’re ready to do business. Share this new venture with friends and family, clients, associates and staff.

It’s an important and exciting part of your life, new possibilities are opening up and you want to welcome every new opportunity. Start your new business with a really good vibe, creating a harmonious workspace for your team and bringing in great energy for a healthy and profitable future.

You can have the fun of a ribbon-cutting ceremony, the symbolic sweeping away of the past, or a bit of formality for the occasion, in all cases I’m here to help.
When your future clients walk through the door, you want them to be able to pick up on the right energy, to feel your sense of commitment to them. You want your staff to be focussed and involved, happy to come to work. You want a low staff turnover so that there is less time spent on training replacements and more energy working on the vibe a truly great team emanates. Most of all you want your hard work to show with the great feeling all that positive energy can bring.

Sow the seeds of prosperity, share the vision that your hard work is creating, open the doors to your new business and let in the joy with a blessing of your new business.

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