Memorial Service

image3The passing of a loved one is often fraught with the grief of loss, and after the event you can feel that there were memories you wished you had shared, or there were friends or family members unable to attend the funeral service.

The Memorial Service can be held at any time after your loved one’s passing, and is often held on a date important to them, such as their birthday or the anniversary of their death. Memories are gathered together for this ceremony, photos and trinkets, favourite songs, poems or readings from books they loved, or even quotes from movies can be included. This is a time to celebrate hobbies and passions; footy colours, pets, a day in the garden, crazy music.

This is all about the loved one you are remembering. In my experience as a Civil Celebrant, I can help you to organise ways to bring to life your most treasured and moving memories. The journey you took together, reflections of a life well-lived, the special moments.

I can help you to connect with the right venue. Indoors or out? You might prefer to hold the memorial in a place that had a special meaning for your loved one, a garden, park, or beach, or perhaps in familiar surrounds of your own home or garden.
You might want a ceremony celebrating the brief, precious moments of life, or to create a lasting memorial where the cremated remains of your loved one can rest forever.

I am here for you, to help make the day one of lasting memories.

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