Funeral Services

images While we mourn our loss, the passing of a loved one is the time when we come together to celebrate a wonderful life.

Whether that life has been long or short, your loved one has brought you together, friends and family who might otherwise never have met, and for a little while, I count myself as a part of your family, your group of friends.

You will have stories that you wish to share, simple moments in life – a grandparent you’ve known forever, a child whose time was too short, a friend who has shared your journey, a partner too hastily departed. In the solemnity of the funeral service, you can still share a memory that made you laugh. In the pain that might have preceded, you can still recall sweetness and a shared smile, in the shortest of lives there was always hope.

I always feel honoured to be brought into a family during this time. Sharing stories, photos or memorabilia in your home brings me closer to your loved one and helps to create and craft a eulogy that’s individual and fitting.

Let me help you to celebrate, cherish and remember this loved one with a funeral service of deeply meaningful words.

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