Wedding Ceremonies

Congratulations. You have said the words, made that promise to each other, but…now what? For many couples, what should be a happy and exciting time, bringing them closer together, turns into unnecessary stress, with many decisions to be made and timelines to be met? It would be my privilege and honour to assist you in making this one of your happiest and most memorable days.

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Commitment Ceremonies

For many couples living here in Victoria, a wedding is not a legal option; for some, the formality of a wedding is just not what they want … and yet there’s that moment when you wish to make a public acknowledgement of your devotion to each other.
Whether you’d like a ceremony that’s as formal as a wedding, or a casual gathering; whether you want to share with your extended family and associates or just an intimate gathering of your closest friends, I can help to turn this into a joyous and profound ceremony.

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Renewal of Vows

Remember the day you got married? Facing each other in front of all your friends and family, saying those words of commitment… all too often, the answer to this question is a sad “no”. The day you’d been planning for so long can be overwhelmed by stress, the little details you’d struggled over get lost in the moment.

…and sometimes the answer to that question is “yes”, with a roll of the eyes. Things just didn’t turn out exactly the way they were supposed to; the weather let you down, the venue was a disappointment, half the guests got lost – there are any number of ways that the day can turn out less than perfect.

…and sometimes the answer is, “well, it was a long time ago, things have changed…”
This is a day that can truly be yours. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to involve your children and even your pets in this reaffirmation of the magic that brought you together.

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Naming Days

A joyous occasion for a celebration, a child presented to the world, welcomed into your family, granted love and protection by Guardians, named and cherished.

A child has entered your life, and being parents is a profound and wonderful time. With a Naming Ceremony you can formally announce your new responsibilities and share them with family and friends. It’s a way for you all to focus your love and hopes for the child; to wish them good health, to always be surrounded by people who love and support them, to inspire in them a destiny that is rewarding and fulfilling.

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New Business Blessing

You’ve done the hard work and everything’s in place; all the legal ‘i’s are dotted, every paperwork ‘t’ has been crossed. Desks are lined up in the office, stock is looking shiny on the shop floor, and your team is ready to go. There’s just one more thing you need to do…

A party doesn’t seem quite right, especially if you’re opening at nine on a Monday morning, and you can’t exactly break a bottle of bubbly across the bonnet of your new company car.

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Funeral Services

More than any other ceremony, a Funeral Service is the celebration of a life. Family and friends, passions and triumphs, memories and achievements … all are part of the wonderful story that I will help you create. I will assist you through this most difficult time as you remember, value, give thanks, and share the cherished memories of your loved one’s life.

Working with family and friends, I will help you to create a eulogy and share a story on the day of service that will provide insight and history of your loved one’s life. It can provide so much comfort, recalling the happy times, the “I remember when” moments.

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Memorial Services

Your loved one is no longer with you. They may have already had a funeral, but you might be in the sad situation where there have been no mortal remains. Though traditionally held on the anniversary of a loved one’s passing, the Memorial Service ceremony can be celebrated at any time after the funeral.

Less formal than a wake, and at a later time, away from the trappings of funeral. I can help you to create a Memorial Service that will provide you with memories of a lifetime shared with your loved one.

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Scattering of Ashes

This can be a most emotional time. The final release of mortal remains, the last letting-go of someone you loved so much. Closure for your family and your loved one’s friends.

At this most moving of occasions, I would be honoured to help you put together a ceremony that will be meaningful and special to you. Working with family members is the most wonderful part of being a Civil Celebrant.

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Pet Memorials

Loved ones come in all shapes and sizes; large or small, young or old – and some have four legs, fins or wings, fur, scales, feathers. The pets we share our lives with are never able to tell us exactly how they feel; but their love is profound and when we lose them, the world can seem like a very empty place.

Children, in particular, can be devastated, as the loss of a pet is often their first experience of death. A memorial service can be a way to help them as they move through the grieving process, and begin to understand this sadly important part of life.
Gather together with the people closest to you, and let me help you to create a ceremony that will hold those memories of your beloved pet forever.

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